Nacte Admission 2021/2022 Window For September Intake Notice


Nacte Admission 2021/2022 Window For September Intake Notice;

NACTE has released official statement about NACTE Admission 2021/2022 window for the September intake for the student wish to apply for the certificate and diploma to join various college make sure you read carefully this official release.

NACTE History In Brief 

The National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) is a body established by law of Parliament Chapter 129,to oversee and coordinate the provision of Education and Training Vocational Training in Non-University or Participating Universities in the country.

One of the responsibilities of the Council is to ensure that the training provided in Vocational Colleges in the country meet the criteria and quality required in the labor market domestically and abroad.

The Council is also responsible for coordinating the admission of students in Colleges and courses / programs recognized by the relevant authorities.

NACTE Admission 2021/2022 Window For September Intake Notice

The Council (NACTE), would like to inform the public that the admission of students to September 2021 Intake for Certificate and Diploma level for all courses / programs offered by Colleges of Education and Vocational Training will be officially opened from May 27, 2021.

Therefore, the Council advises applicants and parents to adhere to the information provided
on the date mentioned above.

For more information you can read in swahili in attached PDF file below:-


How to Apply NACTE Admission 2021/2022?

This can be a question for the people who want to apply for the Admission when Opened on mentioned date, Application will be available online VIA NACTE system and will give you all instructions that will enable to make your application successful so keep Visit back here to get link for NACTE online Application 2021/2022 system

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