English notes: Language Acquisitions and Language Socialization

English Notes
This book is based on the papers given at a workshop on “Language
Socialization, Language Acquisition: Ecological Perspectives” that was
held March 17-19, 2000, at the University of California at Berkeley. An
organizational committee, consisting of Jonathan Leather (University
of Amsterdam), Elinor Ochs (University of California at Los Angeles),
Steve Thorne (Penn State University), Jet van Dam (University of
Amsterdam), Leo van Lier (Monterey Institute for International Studies)
and myself, drew up a list of participants. The papers presented at this
workshop, together with excerpts from the commentators’ responses
and the general discussion, form the basis of the present volume.
The workshop lasted two full days, with four half-day sessions,
each organized around a single theme addressed by three speakers. Jet
van Dam, University of Amsterdam, chaired Session I, Ecological
Models of Language Socialization; Steven Thorne, Penn State Uni-
versity, chaired Session II, Ecological Models of Language Acquisition;
Leo van Lier, Monterey Institute for International Studies, chaired
Session HI, Language as Social Action; Jonathan Leather, University of
Amsterdam, chaired Session IV, Instructional Environments. In the
spirit of ecology, current and former doctoral students from the
Berkeley Graduate School of Education – the upcoming generation of
scholars and teachers in educational linguistics – were asked to
respond to the three papers given during that session from the
perspective of their own research or expertise. This volume includes
papers presented at the workshop, as well as the Commentaries,
prepared by Ed Bodine and myself, based on the contributions not only
from the authors included in the volume, but also from other workshop
participants, such as Chris Candlin, Livia Polanyi, Ben Rampton, and
graduate student respondents Edward Bodine, Meg Gebhard, Steven
Thorne, Greta Vollmer, Amy Weinberg, and Kevin Wiliarty.
The workshop was sponsored by the Berkeley Language Center,
and was generously funded by the University of California at Berkeley’s
College of Letters and Science, International and Area Studies, the
Department of Linguistics, the Townsend Center for the Humanities,
the Graduate School of Education, and the Office of Educational………


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